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Virtual Reality! ARQADE proudly presents...
The first Virtual Reality Experience in DTLA. At ARQADE you will find yourself in truly immersive worlds. Our multi-media gallery, located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, is DTLA's first ever Virtual Reality Game Room. ARQADE will transport you into interactive games and films, allowing you to be the center of your own universe. Book VR with friends, for a date night, birthday parties, corporate meetings, private events and more. Or, if you prefer, we can come to you for offsite VR events as well.
Or call 323.825.1707 to make your reservation by phone. Walk-ins are also welcome.
Mon - Thurs:
By Appointment
6pm - 12am
12pm - 12am
$10 - 15 minutes
$20 - 30 minutes
$30 - 60 minutes
The Alchemist's Lab Escape Room ARQADE + Escape Room Treasure Hunt present...
The Alchemist's Lab You are a 19th Century Jr. Detective of Scotland Yard. This is your final practical exam: Explore Alchemist Devon Melton Plumbum's laboratory for an hour. Using your wits, and those of your team, your job is to find out what his nefarious plans are, find his formula for transmutation of lead into gold, and if you still have time left, unlock the chest with his hidden stash of transformed gold! ARQADE has been transformed into a Victorian-era lab, with antique and custom-made equipment, locks, and puzzles which use only technology available in the period, wherever possible. This Room has no 'fear-factor' elements: nothing scary, dangerous or with an implied threat of harm.
ARQADE • Studio: 323.825.1734 • Email: arqadestudios@gmail.com • 734 S. Main Street, Los Angeles CA 90014